Current Obsession.

Rank 1# in my heart (as it has stood for the past year) of desired things, is this watch. It is an exquisitely handcrafted timepiece of fine art. This piece is so captivating and I find it hard to break my gaze from its magnificent charm. The timepiece boasts yellow gold, a diamond-encrusted rim and Tsavorite garnets, with feathers in the inner mantle. Opulence radiates from this piece and I am transported to a ball, wearing a Dior couture dress, sipping on vintage wine in a decadently furnished hall. To me, the watch is so much more than an accessory. To me, it is ambition, allurement and an exhibition of the house’s extensive and embellished history. The inspiration for the design was found in the timeless pieces of dress designed by Mr Dior himself “the ball gown makes you dream and must make you a dream woman”. I love this quote because it perfectly sums up my rose-coloured outlook on the world of couture. Princess gowns, silks, satin, tulle perfectly constructed to make the wearer look angelic, delicate and empowered.

Another reason in which I absolutely NEED this in my life is that it perfectly matches my purse. As my Dad would say “just keep digging”, so this is what I shall do. Work harder to make my dreams attainable.



Featured image: cropped from



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