The Beauty of Escapism

The pinnacle of my happiness is when I am surrounded by beautiful things. The object of my affection is no object at all really, but a vast expanse of living organisms, which we call The Great Outdoors.

To me, there is no sensation pure enough than breathing in a fresh burst of unpolluted air. Feeling my interior ignite with bliss as every breath helps to restore the natural balance of my body, mind, and soul. I think I often forget that there are three entity’s within me. I believe that all three are equally as demanding but require completely different types of healing. For me, being outdoors and revelling in the landscape of the natural world definitively cleanses my head and makes, the often, suffocating worries of the world wash away. Without knowledge, my pace quickens and I am enthralled by the forest. As I aimlessly wander, I gaze up at the interconnecting branches, woven so intricately mirroring our own complex respiratory system. Each part playing a vital role in the existence and preservation of the woodland and the habitats of the critters that reside within the live oaken walls. The pump of blood flow in my body beats simultaneously with the boom of the forest, leaving me totally purged of any inner or outer afflictions.

It’s an amazing process to witness according to Simone, like I’m being peeled away from a former me and growing into a new shell; one that’s more durable and emotionally able to deal with things (that don’t really matter or don’t really make any sense: classic anxiety HA!). Being the person who is exposed to the more intimate segments of my life he understands the torment one can conjure up at the hearing of a buzz word, or of a smell, that unsentimentally transports one back to a bad time or place. This manifestation of the mind is instantaneous and debilitating and I think it’s beautiful that there is a sacred place in which I can go to rebalance my mentality.

In today’s world and the society we live in, I think this notion (of ungluing ourselves from the comforts of our bedrooms and technology) is more prevalent than ever. I mean this, in terms of anxiety and the spike of people reporting their battle with depression. Being one of these people I can confidently share how refreshing being outdoors is for the mind. Like, when practicing meditation, the mind wanders into chambers deep in one’s psyche, it diverts when walking too. With each step taken it becomes more accessible to reach these levels of serenity and so easy to forget the useless worries that cloud the mind.

This healing could be because of how different this serene setting is to my everyday life. Working in the city has its pros but the concrete jungle of never-ending grey dampens my mood right from the get-go on a Monday morning and throughout the week I can’t decipher whether my energy levels are so low because of work or because of the morbid palette of colours around me, that (when I look at it now), are sub-consciously altering my mood. Of course, it’s more than the colours; it’s the energy and pace in which the city thrives and the smell of piss in every alley you walk past. Reading this back to myself: maybe working in the city is not for me. If only I was rich..




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