Men’s London Fashion Week.

Browsing through the catwalk images on Vogue’s website from the men’s London Fashion Week, there are themes that are reciprocated throughout. From subtle garments of streetwear at What We Wear to extravagant Daffy Duck graphics depicted on the walks at Bobby Abley. Where over at Wales Bonner and Oliver Spenser, there was a lesson to be learnt on how to effortlessly look like the modern gentleman.
Streetwear is ever growing in popularity because of how easy it is to look cool and with the trend athleisure here to stay throughout 2018 it is easy to see why. Christopher Raeburn tole the show for me; displaying practicality (multiple utility pockets) and warmth (that delectable wool onesie). His attention to detail was superb, the collective of strings harnessed in place with clips from the vibrant orange scuba jacket. This piece gave me futuristic vibes and could be coupled with Prada’s Cloudbust sneakers. The futuristic aura continued over at A Cold Wall who chose silver as one of their featuring colours. From the synonymous wellingtons to their asymmetric metallic jacket. The deconstructed and unravelling nature of the apparel along with their excessive need for pockets gave the show an eerie feel. Think post-apocalyptic roadmen. Political and social influences may have also had an impact on the runway of Cottweiler. Their accessories from the shoes, bags and harnesses around the model’s bodies all exhibited sculptures. They reminded me of artefacts that have been pulled out of the sea from the Titanic. Perhaps this is the sort of thing they were alluding to see as though all of the models sported wet-looking hair and hands, along with scaled fabric on some of the garments. Their seamlessly cool aesthetic spoke to me and I am in love with the cross body bag in gradient blue/green.
If dressing down isn’t your style then the likes of Wales Bonner have you covered. Swap hoodies and sweats for a nautically inspired woollen cropped pea coat and matching navy trousers. Utility pants also found their place here but were partnered with graphic shirts, giving it a more refined edge. Bonner cut boundaries as some of the looks had cropped tops – a look that is usually defined by female fashion. The slender silhouette was executed throughout most of the styles giving the collection a timeless feel. If you’re more of the eccentric type, opt for Alex Mullins psychedelic suit which is sure to have all eyes centred on you. 

Click here to view my style edit for London Fashion Week Men’s:

Men’s LFW

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