What I Wore.

It’s wintertime and you’re in a Northern city; you’d be mad not to layer. In favour of what is deemed a fashionable thing to do and as a means of staying warm during the last days of winter; layering is both, practical and a flare to your aesthetic. Here are two pieces I bought from Zara in the sale and the total cost of the outfit was under £50! As for the flamboyant pink, sneakers that walk with their own swagger in a psychedelic motion of personality, I thank Tyler the Creator and his Golf Le Fleur x Converse drop. First hyped up from the runway of Balenciaga’s spring/summer collection, pattern clashing has seen a monumental growth in popularity. I created with look by (quiet literally) throwing clothes together and cinching my waist with a belt. This trend is all about being yourself and channelling your inner creative.meee

Outfit details:

Dress: £17, Zara (RRP: £39.99)

Top: £15, Zara (RRP: cant remember haha, I have lost the tag)

Belt: £3, Primark

Sneakers: £80, Converse x Golf Le Fleur, Size?




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