What I Wore.

I don’t know about you, but when I have a day off, dressing up is part of my ‘day off rituals’. Probably because 9-5 jobs are so drab. I work in a suit shop, and although I own some nice blouses and trousers, there isn’t too much room to let ones fabulous self flourish. To me, clothes are the first impression, they signify and of course exude a speck of the true you to the outside world. With this perception in mind it makes sense that I curate my outfits daily, being the most extra version of myself. Of course, with this comes good and bad press. I’ve had some beautiful comments from people that either get it or simply just appreciate me being myself and having fun with it. On the flip side or the Upside Down, the general public and their comments have spanned from confused and vacant stares to someone actually asking me ‘what the fuck?’ I was wearing (which just makes me lol).
Black being one of my favoured shades to dress in (especially when I’ve been sleep eating or super bloated(double brackets because, yes. Sleep eating is a thing, I’m not proud of waking up at 3am, devouring half a packet of Maryland’s cookies. Only to wake up in the morning with no recollection but a half empty packet and a stomach full of regret), this outfit is an expression of: chic girl in the city. Through wearing my sheer black blouse which has polkadot detailing, mostly on the arms, I exaggerate and draw attention to my tights. And though the PVC skirt trench is rapidly dwindling, I make use of mine by fixing the overlapping blouse and skirt under a semi-large waist belt. Waist belts have become my go-to accessories because of the flattering effect they have on my figure. This is also definitely the reason I always choose a mini skirt, because it lengthens the legs and a chunky blocked heel, like the slingbacks I am wearing, transform the legs into skinnier renditions of themselves. Completing the outfit with my self-embellished fedora and Zara panel mac, I am ready for the day. It’s funny because I have done as little as possible today but felt like a queen non the less.

Outfit details.

Fedora: £15, Afflecks Palace

Blouse: £15.99, Zara – SALE

Skirt: £3, Primark – SALE

Belt: £3, Primark

Tights: £3, Primark

Shoes: £10, Primark

Coat: £49.99, Zara – SALE.


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