Never Look back, It’s All Ahead: an MSGM Vision.

Being new to critiquing fashion, my first encounter with luxury Italian brand MSGM, was sat at my glass Ikea table, scrolling through their Men’s Autumn/Winter18 show in January. From the offset, the designers ability to create clean cut garments that resonate with these metropolitan times, radiated from the collection. In an era where streetwear and the need for original and authentic garments is on the up, MSGM is a brand that can cater for the ever consuming mouths of generation Z.

Established in 2009 by the houses creative director Massimo Giorgetti and Italian fashion company the Paoloni Group. The Paoloni Group specialize in bespoke pieces of fine tailoring. In light of this it makes sense as to why they would create an additional label who’s song is purely one of freedom with a contemporary edge. Giorgetti designs for both the men’s and women’s collections and his innovative, artistic direction emanates throughout. MSGM is a voice to those who want their clothes to speak before they do, it’s an expression and a freelance form of communication.

Seasons: Past and Present.

Pre-Fall 2014

Psychedelic prints and duplicating graphic images are synonymous to the house and not a season goes by when this isn’t used to the fullest of its potential. Take the smudged red lips of Pre-fall 2014, which covered a white satin coat. Or the similarly designed, electric blue eye, in watercolour effect which decorates the front of a white vinyl skirt, accompanied by the distorted word: love.

Fall/Winter 2014

Next we delve into the dim world of Fall/Winter 14′. As a continuation of motifs featured in the pre-fall collection, this seasons key themes lied within using facial graphic images and more aptly fitting to the season: botanicals in murky, yet, vibrant colours.

Spring/Summer Resort 2015

One of my favourite seasons has to be the Resort Spring/Summer 15′ collection, where bold geometric prints ruled and were crafted with an urban practicality. Aside from the perfectly styled, wind-blown hair, the collection as a whole connotes the city girl who wants to exercise, both, her feminine side and her want to don current/on trend streetwear. I adore the relaxed silhouettes conveyed and the versatile nature of the four styles provided.

Spring/Summer 2015

In continuation with the resort collection, defiant geometric prints could be found in the SS15 collection. Instead of random shapes, regularity was found in the form of bird prints. This motif resonated throughout the collection and I admire the feathered accents on jacket pockets and strappy sandals alike.


Spring/Summer Resort 2016

After scouring through the brands archives, I reached a piece that I imminently fell in love with. This abstract cami that is composed of various strands of fabric, contrasting in colour and texture, it is a spring vision. Asymmetrical in nature, the left side of the garment drapes in pleats of deep green and black. This has earned a spot on my fashion hit list – the items I will buy when I am rich enough. (lol)

ss resort 16
My favourite piece EVER designed by MSGM. A thing of true beauty – uncompromising in strength of design and attention to detail.
Spring/Summer 2016

Spring Summer of 2016 sang a different song. Arbitrary prints replaced with bold block colours and chainmail detailing ran throughout.


The houses first evening wear collection was debuted in 2017. The collection consists of refined dinner dresses with attitude. It’s a line for fashionable youngsters who dare to break the traditional rules of dinner-wear.

Spring/Summer Resort 2017

Spring/Summer Resort 2017 really depicts the consumers boom in purchasing athleisure. This contrasting two piece which features graphic illustrations of a skateboarder, is an excellent example of the consumers habits. The box bag that is still very much on trend today is also featured in the collection.

Pre-Fall 2017



For the Spring of 2018, MSGM, replicated the same tenacious beauty through another evening-wear collection. The most notable was a lemon gown, alive with free-flowing ruffles and a pretty tiered mini dress, cinched at the wait with an embellished red heart.


Spring/Summer Resort 2018

Staying true to the houses synonymous use of audacious prints, Giorgetti creatively renews the classic trench in a hyper-tropical print.


Pre-Fall 2018

Undoubtedly another favourite of mine. This matching beige co-ord is bewitching. I cannot stop gazing at it’s magnificence and honestly, I’m struggling to articulate the words to express how much admiration I have for this piece.


Fall/Winter 2018

Most recently, during Milan Fashion Week, MSGM presented their current Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Bold prints juxtaposed with plain patent leather ensembles and have you seen the matching pyjama sets? Below are the pieces I would snap up in a second, given the chance. From when the brand began till now, versatility and personality is undeniably at the brands core and it’s mission statement is being fulfilled with each new season.



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