Witching Hour

Even though Halloween is at the other end of this year, I thought now was a good time to share this editorial with you. Although yesterday marked the beginning of Spring, I gaze out of the library window whilst writing this and as the rain softly rasps against the icy glass, it doesn’t feel like Spring at all. Unfortunately for me, the seasons in England tend to merge into one and before you know it, it’s Christmas eve and you only saw the sun once. In light of this, I don’t think I could have picked a better time to showcase my love for the dark and sleek aesthetic that is often associated with, modern day witches.

In my childhood years I was obsessed with the cartoon: Sabrina the Teenage witch and when I got a little older I watched the live action series. Roald Dahl’s: Witches, AHS: Coven, Shakespeare’s: Macbeth, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Hocus Pocus, the Craft. I could recite a page-long list of films and TV shows I have watched with magic motifs and It’s no surprise that Halloween is my favourite time of year.

It’s only now, that I look back, I see why I was so attracted to this theme which was fuellled and inspired by powerful women. Being proud of my independant nature and often surprising others with my oozing inabition and constant efforts to succeed, the puzzle unravels itself. It’s unsurprising that I watched these films/programmes and shaped myself on the heronies and anti-heros who possessed powerful, firm and moral attribuits.

To reflect on a brutal history, women who were considered as Witches were sentenced to death. It seems that scared men did what they do best in times of fear, kill – (not much has changed). But the legacy these women left behind was one of empowerment and strength in unity, and during periods in more recent history the symbol of the witch has been revived time and time again, conveying female emancipation and strength.

Fedora from Reiss
Complete any Coven inspired look with a fedora. Fedora, Reiss
Le Specs
Forget Salem, you don’t need a cat when you can channel your inner spirt animal through these super cool, extreme cut cat-eyed shades. Glasses, Le Specs
Coat by Alexander McQueen
Beautifully tailored single breasted wool and cashmere blend coat. Coat, Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen
Another fine piece of tailoring from McQueen. Blazer, Alexander McQueen.
rick owens cape
A cape is needed to concel your broom and wand. Cape, Rick Owens
Blouse from Mango
The frills and the bow tie is what made this blouse make the edit. I would pair this with some high-waisted black trousers for the more relaxing of the witching hours. Blouse, Mango
Paperbag Trousers from River Island
Black trousers should be a staple piece in any wardrobe. Trousers, River Island
Kamali Dress by Norma
I love the simplicity of this slip dress and would wear it over a white blouse. Dress, Norma
Mark Cross Grace Large pebbleleather Box Bag
Box bag, Mark Cross
Erdem pin
Brooch, Erdem

  I adore these adorable pins from Etsy. Make any outfit a little more fun by adding them to your lapel or as a bag accessory.

Tiffany Soleste by Tiffany & Co.
This ring entices me. From the HUGE stone encased in the middle to the beads of diamonds wound it. This is a rainy day purchase (or would be if you had 8k to dispose of) Ring, Tiffany & Co.
Crystal Embellishest Moon & Star Earrings by Etro.
I adore these chain drop earrings with solar motifs by Etro. Embellished with crystals, what is there not to want. Earrings, Etro.
MatteMouiselle by Fenty Beauty
Nothing asserts importance or instils fear quite like a vivid red lipstick. Think: Malificent, Fiona Goode or Ursula. Lipstick, Fenty Beauty
Victorina 100 Suede Pumps Christian Louboutin
I adore this menacing looking suede pumps by Louboutin. I think they vibe out the same sexiness that the classical pumps do with a ominous aura. Stilettos , Christian Louboutin
Gianvito Rossi
Pumps, Gianvito Rossi
Event Satin Mules by Stuart Weitzman
Wear with a day dress and socks or with a beautiful evening gown. And they come in my favourite colour: black! Stilettos, Stuart Weitzman

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