What I Wore.

I can’t be the only one dragging their broke ass to payday. And as a result, I’m forced to experiment; clashing old (and I mean years old) with semi-old clothes. To be honest, in todays world and fast fashion, anything that you’ve worn more than twice could be considered ready for the charity bag. This is not a belief I share, but on my days off, when I have to prepare my pictures for the coming week, I just sigh, and lust for payday to come quicker. Today (to my disbelief) I surprised myself. First of all I didn’t cry like a hormonal spoilt brat because I ‘didn’t have any clothes’ and secondly, I actually looked quite chic in an outfit that I paid £35 for. It’s funny, because you always hear of people stealing clothes from their older sister, but I have my younger brother. We’ve gotten into so many fights over the years because of my constant attempts to steal and wear his clothes. My response? ‘Sorry Sam but it’s not my fault you’re so stylish’. And still to this day, I wear his garms, here I’m wearing his oversized leather jacket from Zara. Forever grateful that grew up with someone who showed me the extravagant and at times bizarre world of fashion.

Version 2Version 2IMG_2507



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